New Blog Design

Yesterday night I deployed a new design for my blog. It was created by Lucas, a dear colleague of mine, who happily ignored some of my technical specifications. The Typepad system, on which my blog is hosted, only allows the CSS to be re-styled, and doesn't allow the structure of the HTML to be altered. Therefore, the ugly parts of this new design are the results of my own attempts to force Lucas' pretty design (which included HTML alterations) into the Typepad template system.

And besides that, the design looks crappy in IE6. But who cares? I don't think there are many people among my readers still using IE6. And if there are, then please understand that not even my sweet 61-year old mother uses IE6 nowadays. So there you go.

I hope you like the results. If not, let me know. There are still a few things to be tweaked. But I will get to that after a tiny 4-day vacation in France (of all places).

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