Blog Post #600

This blog has changed my life.

I keep telling everyone that never before have I enjoyed my life and work so much as I do now. And this is all thanks to the decision I made in 2008 to start writing a blog.

Given what I described in my How to Change the World booklet it all makes perfect sense. Each blog post is a small step forward toward a goal. Each post can have some impact on the environment, which may then adapt and respond. Each post generates feedback, understanding, and small-term wins. And each post gives the opportunity to reconsider the goal and move in another direction.

That’s how change management works in a complex environment.

That’s how I changed the little pocket of the universe around me.

This is blog post #600. I wrote blog post #500 exactly a year ago. Readership has grown from 1240 to 1528 page views per day, and from 915 unique visits to 1078 per day. The RSS feed subscribers climbed from 5600 to 6600, and the number of Twitter followers climbed to 6800.

Again, thank you dear readers for sticking around.

You changed made my life.

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  • Paul Hebert

    Thank you! Really appreciate your time and energy here. Congratulations and please keep going strong!

  • Donatomm

    Well, after having read the list of failures in your latest book, it was about time 🙂
    Jokes aside, this is a fulgid story
    Keep going (and inventing new exciting mojitos variants)

  • Jneno

    You never know what thing you say, post you write, is going to nudge someone in a different direction or even have a profound effect on them. Clearly your ideas are finding resonance, at least in my circles. It’s an exciting time.

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