Management 3.0 (24)

Own the Future of Management, with Me

Since today, I am no longer the only owner of the Management 3.0 business. I have co-owners. Yay!! And you can now join me as a co-owner ...

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Available Soon: Co-ownership of Management 3.0

Exactly one year ago, Management 3.0 was named as the front-runner of “The Third Wave of Agile“. In 2015, the Management 3.0 ...

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The Future of Management 3.0

Do you want to own and scale up one of the most innovative leadership brands in the world? Six years ago, I started working on Management...

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Manage Your Workshops with Workshop Butler

I am officially an investor now. I have always been an investor. After all, I have always invested my time, energy, and resources in idea...

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Success and Failure (Get Your Free Celebration Grid Poster!)

Success and Failure – The Celebration Grid

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The Newest Management 3.0 Game: Improv Cards

The Improv Cards game contains 52 playing cards with pictures on them. You play it with at least three people, though best is probably a ...

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What Comes After Management 3.0

What Comes After Management 3.0?

One question I get a lot is this one:

“Is your next book called Management 4.0?”

The 7,000 people who asked me this sam...

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Links, Links, Links…

In case you didn’t know yet, I post plenty of interesting links to other people’s blog posts and magazine articles via the social net...

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Egocentric Leadership

I just finished reading The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and I didn’t like it. Yes, the message about team formation was quite good, and...

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Management 3.0 Is a Way of Work

Is it a method? Is it a framework? No, it’s… what actually? In two previous posts I claimed that Management 1.0 is doing the wrong th...

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Management 2.0 Is the Right Thing Done Wrong

I’ve been complaining about management 1.0, a style of management that we still see all around us. It assumes that an organization can ...

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Management 1.0 Is Still All Around Us

Some people told me that the advice I give in my courses is simply common sense management. I agree. Unfortunately, common sense managers...

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