Own the Future of Management, with Me

Sorry, the deadline has passed. I’m not selling shares at this time.

Since today, I am no longer the only owner of the Management 3.0 business. I have co-owners. Yay!! And you can now join me as a co-owner too.

Management 3.0 is about better management with fewer managers. The ideas and practices help leaders and other change agents with managing for more happiness at work. And the brand was named the leader of the Third Wave of Agile, because of our focus on the entire business, rather than just on development practices and projects. By improving the management of organizations, we hope we are helping to make the world a better place.

As a co-owner of Management 3.0, you support and participate in my adventure. Either passively or actively, you help our team to offer healthy games, tools, and practices to more managers in more organizations.

Since last week, a Foundation owns the Management 3.0 business model and this Foundation has issued virtual shares. The business has grown by more than 40% each year in 2014, 2015, and 2016. In other words, the ownership of shares not only contributes to happier people in healthier organizations. It is also a smart business investment!

Until 1 April 2017, I sell virtual shares (officially: certificates) for EUR 50 per share. On 1 April 2017, I stop selling them for a while. I may continue selling more shares later, but probably at a higher price. And there are more reasons not to wait!

When you buy 10 or more shares before 1 April 2017, I send you a free copy of the book Managing for Happiness, personally signed by me on a unique hand-drawn bookplate.

When you buy 100 or more shares before 1 April 2017, you are entitled to a free one-hour keynote on location (excluding travel and accommodation expenses).

When you buy 1,000 or more shares before 1 April 2017, you gain the status of honored business partner, with special privileges and exclusive access to the team and me.

And everyone who buys shares has a chance to win one of my last eight copies of #Workout, the exclusive Limited Edition. Some people sell it for $2000+ on Amazon.

It is important to known that Management 3.0 is a global brand. I prefer that ownership is distributed across the world. I reserve the right not to sell too many shares to people in the same country. (And yes, it’s first come, first served.)

What are the next steps?

1. Check out my FAQ for all details (read it here);
2. Fill out the application form (APPLY HERE);
3. Sign the simple agreement (I will send it);
4. Pay the share price (information will follow).

I asked the notary and my accountant to make it so simple that it’s five minutes of work and you could be co-owner in one day.

When this simple procedure is complete, we add you to the exclusive list of Management 3.0 owners. You can proudly wear a bragging badge on your website, and the team will inform you about new developments on a regular basis.

Don’t wait too long!

This offer is valid until 1 April 2017. The available shares per country are limited.


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