The Future of Management 3.0

Do you want to own and scale up one of the most innovative leadership brands in the world?

Six years ago, I started working on Management 3.0 courseware and workshops. Quite rapidly, other trainers signed up to offer my classes to their own clients because there was nothing quite like it out there. Now, six years later, there are 175 Management 3.0 facilitators worldwide offering hundreds of workshops per year. We have an enthusiastic team assisting with support and marketing, a new full-color book, Managing for Happiness, that is already being translated to several languages, amazing-looking new content modules, and a new and improved curriculum that will be launched per January 1, 2017.

The next step?

I will hand over the Management 3.0 brand to others.

Management 3.0 was called one of the leaders of the Third Wave of Agile. We now see other institutions offering agile leadership workshops and certificates. After my keynote at Agile 2016 in Atlanta, several organizations reached out to me to discuss collaboration with the Management 3.0 team. Despite increased competition, our workshops are widely seen as the most successful, the most playful and colorful, and definitely the most innovative among all leadership programs. Even managers and teachers at traditional business schools take notice and have asked for my time to talk with them.

However, I am not the right person to scale up this business.

I am a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur. I am not an effective CMO, COO or CEO. I don’t fly around the world to talk with training institutions, content channels, and business partners. It doesn’t make me happy. I’m not good at hiring Account Managers or Vice Presidents of Business Development. And I am certainly not the right person to develop business strategies and optimize revenue streams. I’m good at spotting new opportunities and experimenting with innovative ideas. I’m not so good at scaling up those solutions once they seem to work well and need a boost in execution.

It is time to hand over the reigns to others.

Do you want co-ownership of Management 3.0 with me?
Do you have the talent to scale up a successful startup?
Do you have time and money to invest in this business?

Contact me.

I know the Management 3.0 brand can grow to include workshops and courses to cover many more topics and target audiences. I’m sure there are hundreds of channels and publishers that will be glad to distribute our colorful materials. And it’s certain that training institutes worldwide are in desperate need of innovation.

I do my best work when I contribute as a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur. If you let me do that, I will happily let you grow the company.

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