Manage Your Workshops with Workshop Butler

I am officially an investor now.

I have always been an investor. After all, I have always invested my time, energy, and resources in ideas that seemed to make sense to me. That’s what entrepreneurs do!

But now, I have taken my Lean Funding approach to invest in someone else’s idea. Actually, it is my idea as well, but I have no time to pursue it. I happily let Sergey Kotlov take our idea in a new direction and grow it into something fantastic.

Whether you organize workshops for managers, developers, marketers, or yoga students, there are always things you need to do for your classes, particularly when you work with more than one trainer:

  • Manage your trainers and their licenses
  • Publish the event schedule on your website
  • Provide info about topics, locations, and trainers
  • Process registrations online
  • Send notifications to participants
  • Process feedback and evaluations
  • Produce certificates of completion
  • and much more

Not surprisingly, Workshop Butler started its life as the back-end system for all Management 3.0 workshops worldwide. It has served the brand well, with more than 100 facilitators using the system on a regular basis.

Now, Workshop Butler has evolved to power other brands as well, including Collaboration Superpowers, Lean Change Management, and more.

If you offer classes under a brand name, with multiple trainers, various topics, and different locations, I suggest you check out the Workshop Butler public beta and get Sergey Kotlov to show you around the system.

It would make me happy. {8-)

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