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Lean Funding

Lean Funding is a perfect companion for Lean Startups. It allows entrepreneurs to focus on individuals and interactions, customer collabo...

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Lean Change Management (15 Minutes on Air)

Jason Little’s book Lean Change Management is the first to be published by Happy Melly Express.

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Complexity versus Lean versus Agile versus Me

While the experts are battling over each others’ ideas, I remind myself that all models are useful (though some fail faster than others...

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How to Move Europe

I am trying to move Europe. Or actually, I am trying to move the countries in Europe a little closer together. Europe is full of great (A...

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No True Agile, No True Lean, No True Latte

My presentation Complexity vs. Lean has been well received by many, whereas it was berated by a few. And good or bad, it certainly has sp...

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