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Top 150 Books for Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs

I’m sure this Top 150 list is both inspiring and incomplete, fascinating and controversial. Either way, it is worth checking out for yo...

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Startup Funding, the Agile Way

Being more agile as a startup founder means funding iteratively and trying alternatives without making irreversible commitments.

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“I Want It Now!” (No, You Can’t)

It’s not possible to start at the end. Every successful large project begins with a successful small project. What we want is real ...

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My Next Seven Years (Depend on You)

I dedicated most of my life to Big Projects that lasted six to seven years each. Now I started another Big Project, called Agility Scales...

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17 Exciting Startup Events in Europe, 2017

These are 17 exciting events and conferences for founders, entrepreneurs, and startuppers, which take place in Europe for the rest of thi...

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Lean Funding

Lean Funding is a perfect companion for Lean Startups. It allows entrepreneurs to focus on individuals and interactions, customer collabo...

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How to Be a Happy Startup?

How to Be a Happy Startup? – 15 Minutes on Air with Laurence McCahill

An interview with Laurence McCahill about happy startups. Passion, purpose, people, profits… Which comes first? What is a typical m...

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