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50 Days Away from Home

I feel a bit strange. Saturday was the first of a 50-day trip across the USA as part of my global book tour. I was on the first of what w...

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See You Next Year!

My book tour was crazy, exciting, ambitious, and exhausting.

The start of the tour now seems a long time ago, even though it was j...

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Book Tour 2014

Book Tour Schedule 2014

Last week was Sweden-week in the Management 3.0 Book Tour, with workshops in Stockholm and Gothenburg. (Check out the videos!) This week ...

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United States

USA and Poland, Where Do I Go?

I have selected the USA and Poland as the next countries from the backlog for my global book tour. This means I am now waiting for your i...

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UK and Bulgaria

My Book Tour Comes to UK and Bulgaria

The priorities for my new Global Management 3.0 Workout Book Tour are based on a backlog of countries, which is in turn based on the subs...

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Start of Book Tour

Announcing the First Winning Countries!

The first countries to visit with my Management Workout Book Tour are Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, Finland, and Belgium.

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Global Book Tour

Announcing My New Global Book Tour!

My Management Workout book tour starts in June 2014. I will add as many cities as possible to my schedule, and I will organize a one-da...

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