UK and Bulgaria

My Book Tour Comes to UK and Bulgaria

If you want the Book Tour to visit your country, make sure your country climbs on the backlog or invite me to speak at a conference.

The priorities for my new Global Management 3.0 Workout Book Tour are based on a backlog of countries, which is in turn based on the subscribers of my mailing list. Two companies in Bulgaria have lobbied to get people registered on the mailing list, which caused this country to climb from #19 to #5 on the priority list. That’s is great! It means they are committed to get me to travel to Bulgaria.

I have rewarded this enthusiasm by planning a trip to Bulgaria in July.

At the same time I postponed trips to the other countries high on the backlog (Poland, Switzerland, Canada, Iceland) because my contacts tell me most people will be enjoying vacations in July and August. This means I hope to return there end of August, or in September.

The only other country I have scheduled for July is the United Kingdom.

The reason is that I will be in London anyway for the Dare conference. And when I’m already traveling somewhere for a conference, it makes sense to schedule my book tour workshop right before or after the event.

Now you know what to do to make me travel to your country. It is not effective to just ask me the question, “Will your book tour come to our country?”. That’s not how I work. You should either make sure your country climbs on the backlog of countries or you should invite me to speak at a conference.

Hope to see you this year!

p.s. I’m very glad to see registrations for my workshops in Finland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Sweden, and Germany are steadily pouring in. Join us!

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  • From Appreciative Inquiry to Complexity Thinking
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