My Book Tour in North America

This year in June, publisher John Wiley & Sons will release Managing for Happiness, the updated version of my very successful #Workout book. To celebrate this, I have a special offer for event organizers in the USA and Canada.

For an appearance at any event (either public or in-company) during my book tour, I offer 100 copies of my new book for free, and for anything above that number, I offer a 50% discount from the catalog price (USD 35). This only applies to events taking place during my book tour in North America from June 30 to August 31.

You can see my public fees here:

For private/in-company events, I request flexibility of the event date. My itinerary will be very complicated. I aim to maximize the number of people I can meet in the same region and time span, and at the same time I must minimize the time wasted on travel. 🙂

My fees include travel expenses and accommodation. This means that I do not ask you to arrange anything for me. My travels are complicated, and better managed by myself. Of course, I will coordinate my travel times and locations with you.

For your reference, I have a page with benefits for event organizers. Check it out here:

Do you want to invite me for a community talk, interview, podcast, or something else? Don’t hesitate to reach out. I may be able to squeeze you in. 🙂 As you can see, Europe is filling up nicely. But there’s plenty of room in North America:


Let’s add a lot of little red markers in North America!

Hope to see you in July or August.


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