Publish Book

Publish Book. Done. Next.

One of the best thing about finishing a book is finishing the research. No more skimming through dozens of books–and thousands of p...

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Certificates, Yes and No

It seems that the debate around certificates will never end.

Some people and organizations ask me to provide official certificates...

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Purpose, Not Discipline

Purpose, Not Discipline

I tried running a few years ago, but I stopped because of shin splints and impossible work schedules.

I tried a fitness school, fo...

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Business or Pleasure?

Business or Pleasure? Boy or Girl?

Someone emailed to me, “I’m sorry to see you had to work on Saturday night.” I don’t understand why because the &...

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Zero-Tolerance to Bureaucracy

My Zero-Tolerance to Bureaucracy Policy

Sometimes, event organizers ask me to fill out a form asking me for my company name, address, bank account number, bank name, tax number,...

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Cleaning toilets

What About Cleaning Toilets?

I often promote work-life fusion, quitting jobs that are not fulfilling, and seeking work that is a calling instead of just a career. But...

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Work-Life Fusion

Work-Life Fusion, not Work-Life Balance

Sometimes people ask me, “What do you mean with work-life fusion? How is that different from work-life balance?”



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Registration Opens for More Workshops

I’m very happy to say that the Management 3.0 Workout sessions so far have been well received, and they’re getting better eve...

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A Typical Conversation on Twitter

writer: “I believe that A is true.”

reader: That’s stupid. Everyone knows that A’ is true.”

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50% Wrong

Try to Be 50% Wrong from Both Sides

When extremists on both sides claim that you’re 50% wrong, you can feel confident that you’re probably right where you should be. V...

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Celebration Grid

My Best Diagram Ever: the Celebration Grid

At the Spark the Change conference in London, someone tweeted, “This one slide was worth the ticket price!” which was then re...

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Three Ways to Run

Three Ways to Run (Your Business)

I’ve learned that there are three approaches to running (your business).

The first is to create goals for yourself, maybe wi...

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