A Typical Conversation on Twitter

writer: “I believe that A is false.”

reader: That’s stupid. Everyone knows that B is true.”

writer: “I wasn’t referring to B. I was talking about A.”

reader: There’s nothing wrong with B.”

writer: “Fine. But that was not my topic. My topic is A.”

reader: You have no proof that A is false. Where’s your evidence?”

writer: “I don’t have any. That’s why I said “I believe” instead of “I know”.”

reader: Well, I _know_ that B is true.”

writer: “Whatever. I care about A right now.”

reader: Why do you hate B?!”

writer: “Again, I didn’t say that. Why don’t you read a book on logic?”

reader: And why don’t you offer evidence that A is the opposite of B?”

writer: “OK, that’s it. Thanks for the conversation. It ends here.”

reader: You’re just bad at dealing with criticism.”

writer: “No, I’m bad at dealing with stupidity.”

image: (c) 2013 Tim Sheerman-Chase, Creative Commons 2.0

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