Registration Opens for More Workshops

I’m very happy to say that the Management 3.0 Workout sessions so far have been well received, and they’re getting better every time! I’m almost ready for the summer break, but registration has opened for the remaining workshops this year. Please remember, I will personally visit each city only once!

It was a very joyful and insightful workshop. I especially enjoyed some of the controversial discussion very much!
– Janis Bode

Many thanks for the great event! My expectations were exceeded. Your examples were excellent and we are definitely going to experiment with some ideas in the near future.
– Tomislav Zorc

Date Country City Register
6 Aug 2014 USA New York City, NY / New Haven, CT Register
8 Aug 2014 USA Chicago, IL Register
13 Aug 2014 USA San Francisco, CA Register
19 Aug 2014 Poland Krakow Register
3 Sep 2014 Austria Vienna Register
5 Sep 2014 Switzerland Zurich Register
17 Sep 2014 Poland Warsaw Register
29 Sep 2014 Denmark Copenhagen Register
3 Oct 2014 Norway Oslo Register
6 Oct 2014 Latvia Riga Register
8 Oct 2014 Lithuania Vilnius Register
14 Oct 2014 Iceland Reykjavik Register
16 Oct 2014 Romania Bucharest Register
24 Oct 2014 New Zealand Auckland Register
28 Oct 2014 Australia Melbourne Register
30 Oct 2014 Australia Sydney Register
3 Nov 2014 Canada Toronto Register
6 Nov 2014 Canada Québec / Montréal Register
12 Nov 2014 Italy Rome Register
25 Nov 2014 France Sophia Antipolis Register
27 Nov 2014 France Paris Register
3 Dec 2014 Spain Barcelona Register
12 Dec 2014 Argentina Buenos Aires (email us)
15 Dec 2014 Brazil São Paulo (email us)
17 Dec 2014 Brazil Rio de Janeiro (email us)

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