No Gift or Card for You, Just My Thanks

I decided not to spend my time buying presents or sending cards this year. Instead, on behalf of my dear colleagues, customers, friends, and followers, I just transferred EUR 5000 to Kiva. About $1000 of that sum is a donation for the organization itself and I distributed the remainder as loans (interest-free) among dozens of people who need it more than anyone else I know.

Thanks to my Happy Melly team members. It is a great pleasure to work with you every week.

Thanks to all Management 3.0 facilitators. It is an honor that so many of you believe in me and my message.

Thanks to the Happy Melly funders and supporters. It is great to see our community growing steadily.

Thanks to everyone who bought or read my books. You make me feel awesome.

Thanks to the organizers of events who keep inviting me and enable me to travel all across the world.

And thanks to everyone who has been kind to me this year. This includes the many people who watched over my bag when I left it behind in a coffee bar or something. Despite losing the bag three dozen times, you always bring it back to me.

You are all awesome people.

Forgive me for not sending each and everyone of you a card or a present. My gift to you is now put to good use by Kiva and their clients, who need it more than we do.

Happy holidays!


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