Win a Signed Copy of Management 3.0

This week I will receive a big box of free copies of my book, which (I am happy to say) is right now the one of the bestselling Agile books on Amazon.

But I already read the bloody thing 20 times. So I’m glad those copies are not for me. They are for you!

If you want a chance to win a signed copy of the book, here’s what you have to do:

Crop_circle Publish your view on the role of managers in Agile organizations. You can choose any form you want… a blog post, tweet, Facebook status update, SlideShare presentation, podcast, YouTube video, photo on, anything… Even crop circles are allowed, if they’re pictured on Google Maps. The channel doesn’t matter, as long as your message is public and about Agile management.

There’s just one restriction!

Figure16-1c Your contribution must, in some way or another, refer to Martie the management model. Again, it doesn’t matter how. Describe it, tear it apart, redraw it, rephrase it in your own words, argue against it, make love to it, whatever… The content doesn’t matter, but your message should somehow mention Martie the management model. (No need to refer to the book. Just Martie is enough.)

That’s all… Discuss Agile management, mention Martie, and notify me about your message.

I will select a jury of a few brilliant people and ask them to rate people’s contributions for value and originality, and to select the winners. The deadline for your contribution is January 31, and I intend to announce the winners before the official book launch on February 4.

The number of copies I give away will equal the number of contributions, divided by 2, with a maximum of 20. (In other words, if there are only few contributions you have a 50% chance of winning.) All copies will be signed, numbered, and supplemented with a Certificate of Ownership. I might even hug the books for a while before sending them off to you.

You have less than 2 weeks left. Start working!

(Oh, who wants to be in the jury?)

  • Authority & Delegation (presentation)
  • Reinventing Retrospectives
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