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United States

USA and Poland, Where Do I Go?

I have selected the USA and Poland as the next countries from the backlog for my global book tour. This means I am now waiting for your i...

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How to Pick a Book Title

How to Pick a Book Title (in 7 Steps)

My third book is almost Done.

The working title for my new book was always Management Workout. I like it, because the metaphor of ...

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Problems with Job Titles

The Problem with Job Titles

The European Commission has, at the time I’m writing this, a “team” of 28 Commissioners. One of them has the title of President, an...

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Improvisational Theatre

Improvise and Catalyze

Now that we know our positive inquiry into an organization is best initiated with powerful questions, it is useful to learn a bit more ab...

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Powerful Questions

What Are Powerful Questions?

Knowing that we should inquire into an organization in a positive way (see my post about Appreciative Inquiry), it is useful to know what...

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Appreciative Inquiry

From Appreciative Inquiry to Complexity Thinking

I appreciate the importance of catalyzing each other’s performance in an organization, and I think it’s worth finding out what kind o...

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UK and Bulgaria

My Book Tour Comes to UK and Bulgaria

The priorities for my new Global Management 3.0 Workout Book Tour are based on a backlog of countries, which is in turn based on the subs...

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Management Workout

Register Now for the Management 3.0 Workout Book Tour Workshop!

I will celebrate the upcoming release of my new book by visiting cities all over the world with a brand new one-day workshop. It’s all ...

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Start of Book Tour

Announcing the First Winning Countries!

The first countries to visit with my Management Workout Book Tour are Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, Finland, and Belgium.

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Feedback Wrap

Not Results-Only Work Environments but Trust-Only Work Environments

Results-only work environments? I prefer to talk about trust-only work environments. When there is trust first, there will be results lat...

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Global Book Tour

Announcing My New Global Book Tour!

My Management Workout book tour starts in June 2014. I will add as many cities as possible to my schedule, and I will organize a one-da...

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New Management 3.0 Workout Article: Project Credits

Many workers have experienced problems with traditional job titles and career ladders. But names are necessary for communication, and a s...

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