What’s Your Management 3.0 Story?

Some readers told me they have used Moving Motivators during job interviews.

Some readers told me they used Delegation Boards on management teams.

Some readers told me they adopted Merit Money to get rid of bonuses.

I just visited REA Group in Melbourne, Australia, where they use lots of Management 3.0 practices, and have great experiences to share.

What’s your story?

Now that I finished writing the Management 3.0 #Workout book, my next project is to investigate what readers are actually doing with the materials.

I want to know…

  • How did you experiment with the practices I described in my books?
  • How did you fail and how you did you succeed? What did you learn?
  • How did you adapt the practices to make them work for you?
  • How did you use a practice in a new and innovative way?

Email me, and I will schedule Skype calls and hangouts to discuss the most interesting examples. If your experience is worth sharing with others, my Happy Melly team will be eager to turn your story into a published case study, blog post, podcast, infographic, or video interview.

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