I’ll Speak for Free If You Write a Review

For book authors, Amazon reviews are very important. Reviews sell books. The difference between 10 and 100 book reviews can mean the difference between obscurity versus visibility. 250 reviews? That’s celebrity status!

For readers and their communities, free access to knowledge and experience is important. My book is already available for free, but my conference talks are not. I regularly get requests for free keynotes and I always decline, making the point that we authors already earn too little from book sales. (Why work for free at an event when the caterers and venue owners obviously don’t?)

However, maybe we can help each other out?

If you help me get book reviews, I will speak for free!

When you get me what I want (more sales thanks to book reviews) I will give you what you want (free appearances at community events).

Here’s the deal…

Speaking-for-Reviews… The Rules

For each 10 reviews that my book gets on Amazon, I will pick one event from my backlog where I will speak for free.

  • Only book reviews on Amazon.com count, and they should be honest and fair reviews from actual readers. (I will personally report any person to Amazon for fake reviews, whether good or bad!)
  • I will maintain a backlog of free speaking invitations. Only non-profit community events and conferences in 2015 or later will qualify, anywhere in the world. Of course, you can still book me for paid engagements.
  • I will pick the next event when I have 60 book reviews. The offer lasts until I have 250 reviews. That’s a total of 20 free appearances!
  • The backlog of events is not first-come-first-served. After every 10 reviews, I pick the most interesting, based on location, type, audience, city, etc.
  • Obviously, I still charge for travel and accommodation expenses. And sorry, I don’t do more than two hours of work per event (speech, Q&A, panel, etc.)

Gaming the System

Am I trying to game the system?

Of course!

However, unlike some book authors who pay their family members, co-workers, or pets to write book reviews, I choose to play the game in a fair way.

I have already registered thousands of readers of the book. Sadly, only few of them take the effort of writing a review. And it takes only a minute!


  1. Readers want me to attend their events for free.
  2. I want readers to write more book reviews.
  3. When reviews get me more sales, I can speak for free.

That’s win-win-win!


Or… download the free version of my book here, or purchase the Kindle version here. Do you want me to add your community event or conference to my backlog? Send me an email.

I hope to see you in 2015. 🙂

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