I Will Be Destroying Frameworks at Agile2017 – What About You?

I will be in Orlando at Agile2017 talking with people about my favorite topic:

Dismantling frameworks and growing ecosystems.

Do you have useful games or practices that you want to offer to agile coaches worldwide on a platform with a gamified app? Let’s talk.

Do you have agile coaches involved in multiple teams who need to create, find, rate, share, and follow practices with you and other peers? Let’s talk.

Do your agile coaches want to learn, from actual data, which practices are really used so they can help teams with flexible improvement programs? Let’s talk.

Or are you just sick of simplistic methods and frameworks? And do complex adaptive systems fascinate you? Let’s talk.

I am looking forward to discussing my new project with innovative content creators, experienced agile coaches, and data-driven agile businesses. I know how to get rid of static process frameworks and embrace dynamic ecosystems. In fact, I can show you an alpha version on my tablet, if you ask nicely. 🙂

Add your name here so I can reach out to you during the Agile2017 event (or remotely after the event when you’re not going to Orlando).

Hope to talk with you soon!


p.s. You should also add yourself to our waiting list. From the 1st of August, our team will accept new players onto our platform, in small batches, on a first-come, first-served basis.

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