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Recently I noticed that I had missed an important announcement that had been posted to one or two groups on various social networks. Not being someone who likes to be out of the loop, I checked the major networks to find the most important groups about Agile, Scrum and XP.

This is what I found:

(Note: this is not a complete list of all agile groups. I only list a selection of groups per network here. If you think I forgot an important one, feel free to add them in the comments section.)



Group Members
Extreme Programming 9319  
The biggest of all agile groups. All the famous people are here:
Ron Jeffries, Kent Beck, Scott Ambler. And since yesterday: me.
Scrum Development 6965  
Almost as big as its sister group (XP), with some famous bloggers:
Cory Foy, George Dinwiddie, etc.
Agile Testing 5583  
Specifically about testing, and less active than the previous two.
Agile Project Management 3765  
Specifically about project management, but not a very active group.
Agile Usability 1852  
A bit more active than the previous one, and some interesting
people here: Jeff Patton, Jared Spool, etc.
Agile Modeling 1709  
Scott Amblers favorite topic. Not mine. I suck at modeling.
Except when there's a camera around.
Lean Agile 1449  
The marriage of lean and agile, moderated by Alan Shalloway,
so it must be an interesting group.
Agile Management 1013  
About management, and quite an active group, originally
initiated by
David J. Anderson.



Group Members
All About Agile 549  
The only agile group at Google of reasonable size, though
still not very big.



Group Members
Agile Alliance 7911  
This is the real one: the Agile Alliance itself. Also by far the
biggest agile group on LinkedIn.
Agile 4319  
A generic group for both software development and project
management. And quite an active group too.
Agile Project Management Group 3653  
A networking group for project managers with a professional
and agile mindset.
Agile CMMI 3187  
About sharing knowledge between agile methods and CMMI.
Hillel Glazer is leading this one, not surprisingly.
Agilistas 2302  
A group for agile evangelizers, the biggest one being
Chris Spagnuolo, who is leading the group.
Agile Project Managers 1924  
Another networking group for agile project managers.
Agile Project Management 1250  
And yet another group for project managers. They really
like making new groups these guys…
Agile Thinkers 397  
They say this group is for "agilitists", which sounds as if
agile thinking is a bad disease for agilists.



Group Members
Scrum 806  
Contrary to Yahoo, on Facebook the Scrum group is the
biggest one.
Extreme Programming 349  
Though the size of the XP group is not that bad either.



Group Members
Agile Thinkers 177  
This is the supporting network for those thinkers on LinkedIn
suffering from agilitis.
XP and Agile 39  
The "ultimate knowledge center on XP and Agile", which is
a great achievement with only 39 people.

Note that there's one network seriously missing from this list: Windows Live Groups, which is because I have not been able to figure out how I'm supposed to search for group names on Windows Live. And besides, if there are any agile people using Windows Live Groups, they're probably 3-year olds, or brain dead.

(image by Hamed Saber)

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