Checklist for the Agile Manager (Presentation)

Last week I was in Romania, attending and presenting at the Open Agile Romania conference. It was a lot of fun. I met many nice people, and was able to make some new friends. (And I was ripped off by one taxi driver, explicitly ignored by a second one, and almost killed by a third.)

It was the first agile conference organized in Bucharest at this scale, and I am happy and proud that I was invited to be part of it, and was able to help in making it happen.

My main presentation was called Checklist for the Agile Manager. I have uploaded it to SlideShare:

I did two smaller talks as well: one was about the results of The Big Agile Practices Survey, which I published two weeks ago. And the other was a spontaneous talk about doing fixed price/fixed scope contracts in an agile environment.

Of course, there were lots of other (even better) speakers as well, with Corey Haines as the clear leader of the pack. I'm sure the results and slides can be found on the Open Agile Romania web site soon. All in all, the conference was a success (according to the participants). I hope to come back to Romania very soon, and I'm already looking forward to my new adventures with Romanian taxi drivers.

In the meantime I will start preparing for my talk for the next big conference: Agile 2009 in Chicago.

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