New Agile Books

Next week is the Agile 2012 conference in Dallas, and I hope to have time to create a new edition of the Agile Books Top 100 during that week. I have been making notes of new book releases since the last edition, and next week we will see if some of these make it onto the new list!

(If you know some new releases missing from this list, please let me know!)

These are the newest Agile books…

Agile ALM: Lightweight Tools and Agile Strategies – Michael Hüttermann

The Scrum Field Guide: Practical Advice for Your First Year – Mitch Lacey

An Agile Adoption and Transformation Survival Guide – Michael Sahota

Software in 30 Days – Ken Schwaber, Jeff Sutherland

How to Change the World: Change Management 3.0 – Jurgen Appelo

Essential Scrum – Kenny Rubin

The Culture Game: Tools for the Agile Manager – Daniel Mezick

Lessons in Agile Management: On the Road to Kanban – David J. Anderson

There's Always a Duck – Elizabeth Hendrickson

The Dream Team Nightmare – Portia Tung

Who Is Agile? – Yves Hanoulle

Combat Agile: Applying Military Concepts… – Steven T. Johnson


ATDD by Example: A Practical Guide to ATDD - Markus Gaertner

Lean from the Trenches: Managing Large-Scale Projects… - Henrik Kniberg

Did I forget any?

p.s. I know several authors (such as Laurent Bossavit, Patrick Kua, and Ellen Gottesdiener) have new books available, but none of these are (at the time of writing this post) listed on Amazon or GoodReads. However, the availability of Amazon and/or GoodReads reviews and ratings are a requirement to be qualified for the annual Books Top 100.

(photo: Raoul Luoar)

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