Top 100 Social Media Books (on my new blog!)

I’m very excited, because today is the “official” launch of my 2nd blog, which I will be writing together with my colleague and friend Jeroen van Eck. The blog is called and it deals with social media and CRM, which is the main focus of our daily work these days.

Did you enjoy my earlier social media articles, like Don't Waste Your Time with Twitter, Social Media Blogs Top 200, Top 100 Most Influential Twitter Tools, and Social Media Experts Are Poets, Software Developers Are Novelists?

Then make sure to subscribe to the new blog, because you won’t be seeing posts like that on NOOP.NL anymore! I will dedicate my NOOP.NL blog exclusively to management of software development. Anything related to social media and CRM will be posted on

Though Jeroen and I have already posted a few articles on our new blog, our first major new post is the Top 100 Social Media Books. It contains the best books about social media, calculated with ratings from Amazon, GoodReads and Google hits.

I hope to see you all on the new blog!

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