Top 200 Development and Social Media Blogs (OPML)

In response to my previous articles about the Top 200 Blogs for Developers and the Top 200 Social Media Blogs, I received a number of requests to supply OPML files.

This is understandable. It's a lot of tedious work to click on each and every hyperlink in my top 200 list, searching for the feeds on the blogs, and adding them to your feed reader. It's a lot easier to ask me to do all that.

So, OK. Here they are…

Top 200 Blogs for Developers (OPML file)

Top 200 Social Media Blogs (OPML file)

Enjoy reading! 🙂

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  • Veera

    This is awesome. Thanks a lot for sharing the OPML file. It would have taken much effort to come up with such a massive list. kudos.

  • Krishna

    For the future, I think you may need to re-evaluate the use of Technorati. I have been noticing some weird stuff with Technorati since the recent problems on their site. Ratings and profiles are not getting updated properly.

  • social media management

    That was fabulous OPML file, it’s obvious that lot of time will be used to get such a big list. Keep on sharing such great list. And Krishna I don’t think that Technorati is going with any weird stuff it’s great to use.

  • Lillian

    Social Media Awesome

  • Smile Twitter

    Smile Twitter

    Top 200 Development and Social Media Blogs (OPML) – Agile Management | NOOP.NL

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