Call for Votes: Top 100 Software Engineering Blogs!

For months I have been trying to find out what the most popular blogs are for software engineers (and their managers). Sure, we all know Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood. But what about the other 98 entries? Unfortunately, I was unable to find such a list.

So I decided to create one myself!


Please email me some candidates for the upcoming and all-new Top 100 Most Popular Software Engineering Blogs. (Send me the URL of the blogs. Don't send me names, feeds, OPML files, or whatever. Just URL's please.)

Note: I will not consider the following candidates:

  • Blogs with a Google page rank of less than 2 (they won't make it on the final list anyway);
  • Blogs with their main focus on specific tools or technologies (I don't care about Java, .NET, Lisp, or whatever);
  • Blogs that are not real blogs (like news sites, wikis and communities);

So, please don't send me blogs matching any of these criteria. It will just cost me time to remove and ignore them. (And it will delay the results.) The blogs I will consider must spend more than 50% of their content on software engineering topics, like requirements, analysis & design, testing, project management, development management, best practices, methodologies and/or process improvement.

Don't hesitate to email me your own blog, if you qualify!
And why don't you let your blogging friends know about it too… 😉

This is how I will create a Top 100 list out of your candidates:

For all candidates that match the criteria, I will check their Google hits, Google Rank, Alexa Rank, Technorati Rank, estimated number of feeds, average number of comments, and credit card balance. (OK, maybe not that last one.) It's going to be a weighted average of several statistics, possibly multiplied with my biorhythm values of that day. (And if you have an additional suggestion, let me know!)

I will be off-line for two weeks, starting August 16th. But my mailbox will simply collect your candidates, and I will start working on the calculations early September. Be sure to subscribe to my feed, or simply return in September, to see my publication of the Top 100 Most Popular Software Engineering Blogs.

Thanks already, and talk to you later!

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