Last Call: Top 100 Software Development Blogs!

The preparations for the Top 100 Software Development Blogs are going along nicely. Which is to say… my eyes are still not watery enough to feed my plants. And I keep RSI at bay by browsing and doing yoga at the same time.

I have received numerous nominations for the big list of blogs, and this is my last call for those of you who missed my previous announcement: Please send me your nominations for the Top 100 Software Development Blogs! The deadline closes next week on Wednesday, September 10th.

Here's a list of the nominations I have received so far. Next week I will start counting Google hits, Google Ranks, Alexa Ranks, Technorati Ranks, estimated numbers of feeds, and average numbers of comments for all nominated blogs. This will then result in the first-ever Top 100 Best Software Development Blogs in the World. Stay tuned…

Blog Author

Andy Hunt

10x Software Development
Steve McConnell

Agile Advice

Agile Chronicles

Agile Developer Venkat's Blog

Agile Game Development
Clinton Keith

Agile in Action
Simon Baker

Agile Software Development
Kelly Waters

Agile Thinkers
Clark Ching

AgileManagement Blog
Darren Hobbs


Scott W. Ambler

Andrew Tokeley
Andrew Tokeley

Angle Brackets and Curly
Bill Venners

Better Projects
Craig Brown
Mike J. Berry

Brad Appleton's ACME Blog
Brad Appleton

Caffeinated Coder
Russell Ball

Chris Spagnuolo's GeoScrum
Chris Spagnuolo

Clarke Ching – More Chilli
Clarke Ching


Max Pool

Coding Horror
Jeff Atwood

Corporate Coder
Eric Landes

Curious Cat
John Hunter

Easy Way to Automate Testing
Dmitry Motevich

Effective Software
Dave Nicolette

Elegant Code

Eric Sink's Weblog
Eric Sink

Exploration Through Example
Brian Marick

Frank Thoughts
Frank Sommers

George Dinwiddie's Blog
George Dinwiddie

Herding Cats
Glen Alleman

Heron-Centric: Ruminations of
a Language Designer

Hiring Technical People
Johanna Rothman

Holistic Product Design &
Jeff Patton

It's Common Sense, Stupid
Soon Hui Ngu

Ivar Jacobson's Blog
Ivar Jacobson

J.D. Meier's Blog
J.D. Meier

James Shore: Successful
James Shore
J.B. Rainsberger

Jeremy D. Miller — The Shade
Tree Developer
Jeremy Miller

Joel on Software
Joel on Software

Julian Everett's Weblog
Julian Everett


Leading Agile
Mike Cottmeyer

Mike Griffiths

Lean Software Engineering
Corey Ladas


Managing Product Development
Johanna Rothman

Martin Fowler's Bliki
Martin Fowler

Willem van den

Mike Cohn's Blog: Succeeding
with Agile
Mike Cohn

Musings of a Software
Development Manager
Ed Gibbs


NOOP.NL: Managing Software
Jurgen Appelo

Notes from a Tool User
Mark Levison

Object Mentor

Object Technology
Jeff Sutherland

On Agile Leadership
Manfred Lange

Petzold Book Blog
Charles Petzold


Pols Consulting
Andy Pols

Dave Thomas

Project Management 2.0
Andrew Filev

Project Shrink
Bas de Baar

Quality through Innovation
Adam Goucher


Rands in Repose
Michael Lopp

Raven's Brain
Raven Young

Scott Hanselman's
Scott Hanselman

Leon Bambrick

Signal vs. Noise

Rick Skrenta

Stevey's Blog Rants
Steve Yegge

Test Obsessed

The Berkun Blog
Scott Berkun

The Blog Ride
Ted Neward

The Daily WTF

This is Rediculous
Rick Kitts

Wide Awake Developers
Michael Nygard

You Want IT When?
Bill Miller

You'd think with all my video
game experience…
Jason Yip

Yourdon Report
Ed Yourdon

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  • sobani

    The blog ‘Joel on Software’ is from Joel Spolsky.

  • Jurgen Appelo

    @Sobani: That’s right. Thanks for reporting this typo.

  • Raven Young

    Hi Jurgen – How cool! Can’t wait to see how the list rounds out.
    Good luck with your herculean effort!

  • John Hunter

    I am glad to see my Curious Cat blog included along with a bunch of great blogs.

  • Jurgen Appelo

    @Raven, @John: Thanks for maintaining your great blogs, so that I can great top 100 lists out of them! 🙂

  • Raven Young

    Hey Jurgen – here’s a new tech blog I’ve been enjoying and would like to recommend: A good sample post to read is one by Brandon Ching titled “Project Management Tips from the Developer’s Point of View.” Great Stuff!
    A second site I’d like to recommend is Tyner Blaine’s “Software product success”
    Excellent insights on the world of software and more!

  • Jurgen Appelo

    @Raven: Thanks for the links. They have been added to my list!

  • Bill
  • Jurgen Appelo

    @Bill: great suggestions!

  • Michael Chermside

    I posted a response to the earlier article, but it didn’t appear. Did you perhaps fail to check the possible-spam queue while you were away?

  • Andrew Filev

    It’s great to see my blog on the list. Thank you! My blog is not strictly about software development, it’s about Project Management 2.0 and I think it is interesting for project managers from any industry. There was a brake in my posts because of my preparations to the Office 2.0 conference. Now the conference is over and I’m ready for publishing more ideas on innovations in project management. Stay tuned!

  • Jurgen Appelo

    @Andrew: Glad you like it, but you’ll still have to wait a couple of days to see if you made it on the final list. Fingers crossed!

  • Pierre Olivier Martel

    This is great! Once the top 100 is chosen, it would be nice to have a single RSS feed that does a mashup of all theses blogs. I would most certainly subscribe to it.

  • omega
  • Jurgen Appelo

    @omega: Yeah, that might be interesting. But the site is in private beta. So I can’t get access to those questions.

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    Maia Mims

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