Call for Votes: Top 100 Blogs for Developers! (Q4 2008)

Three months ago I created and published a list called the Top 100 Blogs for Development Managers. This list quickly became the most popular article I had ever created. In fact, even today the article made the headlines at Hacker News, again sending thousands of new readers to this site… (Hi everyone, glad you're here!)

Well, times change… I got older and wiser… I found a number of other great blogs… New readers have new favorites… Etc, etc… So, to cut things short… I decided to recalculate a Top 100 Blogs for Developers!


Please email me your candidates for the all-new-and-updated Top 100 Blogs for Developers!


Because I will be ranking the blogs using Google hits, Google Rank, Alexa Rank, Technorati Authority, number of comments, and (hopefully) their donations to my personal bank account. By submitting your favorite blogs, you will get to see how they stack up against the competition.

Note: I will
not consider the following candidates:

  • Blogs with a Google page rank of less than 4 (they won't make it on the final list anyway);
  • Blogs with an exclusive focus on specific tools or technologies (like Java, .NET, or whatever);
  • Blogs that are not real blogs (like news sites, wikis and communities);

The blogs considered must dedicate a significant part of their content to generic software development topics, like requirements, analysis & design, project management, development management, algorithms, data structures, programming tricks, methodologies and/or process improvement.

Also note: There is no need to re-submit the blogs that were listed in the previous edition. They will all be evaluated again.

Why don't you email me your own blog, if you qualify?!

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