Top 50 Twitterers to Follow for Developers

(Note: this is an old list. The newer version can be found here.)

I'm very, very busy researching blogs for a new edition of the Top 100 Blogs for Developers. (BTW, you can still cast your votes… see my previous post.) However, I suddenly got the urge to find out the Twitter names of well-known authors of software development blogs and books. So, I did a little side-research.

Don't ask me why. It just felt good, I suppose.

Well, here's the list I came up with. It's definately not complete! I probably missed a number of very important people (with very obscure or hard-to-find Twitter names). Please don't blame me. Just add any celebrities I missed to the comments section of this post, so we can all choose to follow them!

Oh, and if you feel like it, why don't follow me as well?

# Author Url Followers
1 Jeff Atwood 6560
2 Scott Hanselman 5161
3 Kathy Sierra 5002
4 Michael Lopp 4392
5 Jason Fried 4212
6 Steven Frank 2467
7 Jared Spool 2087
8 Dave Thomas 1862
9 Joshua Porter 1777
10 Dare Obasanjo 1211
11 Jon Udell 1153
12 Jim Weirich 847
13 Jeremy Miller 723
14 Ed Yourdon 724
15 Michael Feathers 691
16 Jeffrey Palermo
17 Jim Benson 673
18 Steven Harman 670
19 Robert C. Martin
20 Kevin Dente 537
21 Ted Neward 506
22 Matt Raible 495
23 Brian Marick 469
24 Omar Shanine 450
25 Scott Rosenberg 443
26 Joel Spolsky 433
27 Ben Simo 407
28 Des Traynor 359
29 Eric Burke 356
30 Rick Skrenta 339
31 Alex Miller 322
32 Neal Ford 321
33 Leon Bambrick 307
34 Ron Jeffries 301
35 Venkat Subramaniam 278
36 Dave Hoover 274
37 Kent Beck 241
38 Bret Pettichord 226
39 Mike Cottmeyer 222
40 Elisabeth Hendrickson 213
41 Max Pool 208
42 Chris Spagnuolo 205
43 Debasish Ghosh 194
44 Mike Vizdos 177
45 Jeff Sutherland
46 J.B. Rainsberger 163
(Yes, this would be my place,
if I were a celebrity…)
47 David Anderson 118
48 Esther Derby 107
49 Michael Nygard 87
50 Martin Fowler 47

Oh, and did I already point out that you can follow me as well?
No worries, just checking…

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  • Sébastien

    Nice compilation!
    I would add Tim O’Reilly to the list, he is VERY active and most links he points to are interesting reads (
    And I already follow you, but I wonder why.. 😉

  • Angel “Java” Lopez

    Another link


    You missed David Heinemeier Hansson (>5000 followers)

  • Dana

    you forgot me! 🙂 Dana Coffey

  • rmf

    How javascript guru and jQuery author John Resig? –
    He tweets about a lot of really interesting JS and browser projects.

  • Eric Swanson
  • mendicant

    Oh. My. Goodness. People need to stop suggesting Jeff Atwood as a programming resource without an explicit disclaimer describing that he is an example of what NOT to do.

  • Sean

    @mendicant, +1 to that! why does everyone want to follow him? he really doesn’t have all that good stuff to say.
    you should follow me instead:

  • Michael

    I’m not so sure this is a list of developers you SHOULD be following, so much as a list of developers people ARE following… lots of popular names there, but I can get alot more good dialog with people with less followers…
    Still, an interesting list to be sure.

  • Joe Beck

    I agree with Michael. There’s only a small chance someone like Martin Fowler or Kathy Sierra will actually respond to a tweet from one of us mere mortals. Broadcasting is not very “Web 2.0”, IMO.
    I think some useful metrics here would be not just how many followers they have, but how many people they follow, and what percentage of tweets directed at them they actually respond to.

  • Beef Jerky

    Nice compilation!
    I also agree with Michael. There’s only a small chance someone like Martin Fowler or Kathy Sierra will actually respond to a tweet from one of us.

  • Alesio Hari

    Nice list! I can recommend

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