Win $100 Worth of Software Development Books!

Attention, dear readers…

This is your chance to win $100 worth of software development books!!!

Here's how…

As an affiliate I earned a little money, thanks to my nice little post on the Top 100 Best Software Engineering Books. It's not a spectacular sum, mind you. So there's really no need to start expecting free diners next time you see me. But the Amazon gift certificate I got last week is sufficient to buy myself a small number of new books.

But the point is, I already have lots of new books! In fact, my backlog of unread books is so large and voluminous, I suspect that the sheer mass of it has disturbed the operation of the Large Hadron Collider. (You might have read about that in the news.)

So I thought, why not send someone else a number of great new books? It would make me feel good; it might attract a couple of new readers; it would make at least one person to like me a little better; and it would definately reduce my stress…

Well, here's the deal: in my quest for knowledge about people management, I am looking for interesting answers to the following question:

What is it that gets you motivated to do your job really well?

Is it the pat-on-the-back from your boss' secretary? Is it the box of candy near the coffee machine? Is it your users sending you postcards from Brazil?

Each of us is different. And many of us find their motivation in things that are most unexpected. Therefore, I would love to hear some interesting answers to that question. An official jury (probably some of my colleagues) will evaluate your answers, and the most inspiring answer will be awarded $100 worth of software development books. (note: the selection is to be made from the titles in the Top 100 Best Software Engineering Books.)

Please email your answer to me. Of course, you can also post it as a comment on this blog. The deadline closes this Friday, the 26th.

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