New Social Media Icons

One of my favorite ways of procrastinating is creating irrelevant things that look nice. Just because I can. Changing the world can get boring when it’s the only thing you’re trying to do. Better to defocus and change something else every now and then.

Here’s a new set of free social media icons, which I will be using in new presentations and on redesigns of my websites. I happily grant you permission to use them for your blog, website, or bicycle, totally gratis and unconditionally. (Though it would be nice to get a link back to my blog.)

Note: for some reason people keep asking me how to download things from Flickr, which is a sign of pure laziness, as far as I'm concerned. But OK, here we go: When you click a photo or illustration, there's a clear Actions menu above it, which has the option View all sizes with the download options for any size. If that doesn't help, you're on your own.

p.s. This set half replaces and half extends the previous set of free icons.

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  • StefanBilliet

    These are really nice, you’ve got talent 🙂

  • ProActive Technology

    Unable to recognize some of them like the one with K and M. Can you please let me know which social site are those.

  • Jurgen Appelo

    Why don’t you just follow the link? The icons all have titles on Flickr.

  • Olaf Lewitz

    Nice! Thanks:-)
    Please let us know as soon as someone links to your blog from their bicycle—that will be awesome, won’t it?
    Take care

  • Dynamic

    What did you use to create these?

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