I Promised Myself

I promised myself…

  • I will only do things that I think will take less than 1 hour. I have worked on “tasks” such as “make new presentation” for weeks, without feeling any kind of progress. By breaking down big tasks into smaller ones I will be happier, because I will feel a sense of completion.
  • I will aggregate small tasks so they take half an hour or more. I have answered emails 10 times per day, in chunks of a few minutes, which meant I treated emails as interruptions, not as work. By combining small things I will turn distractions into more focused work.
  • I will only work on tasks with a long-term purpose. I have wasted countless hours writing useless blog posts, attending uninspiring sessions, and organizing meaningless meetings. By asking “why?” for everything on my list, I make the best of my time on this planet.
  • I will keep track of all tasks I am completing. I have spent years not remembering what I did and not knowing how to improve. By measuring myself I can improve my work. By improving my work I will improve my life.

I wrote and published this post in less than one hour. And I did it because I think it helps me keep my promises. Now I’m ticking it off the list.


p.s. Please don't suggest that I should use the Pomodoro technique. I tried and it didn't work for me. However, I will check and see if Personal Kanban has anything to offer me. Because I do try everything.

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