Me 3.0

Introducing: Me 3.0

Spend a little money on some decent, good photos. Seriously, you deserve it. These are mine: Me 3.0

Some people noticed that my avatar pictures on the social networks were deviating from the real-life version at a slow but steady pace.

Yes, I’m getting older!
Thanks for pointing it out.

That’s why I asked photographer Petrina to produce an update that looks every bit as appealing as the previous set, which was made five years ago, only this time with some extra lines through my face. And more generous streaks of silver in my hair.

I hope the new set of photos makes me look a bit more… distinguished.

Me 3.0

It happens regularly that I meet someone at an event, or in a Skype call, who looks twenty years older than his or her avatar. And then I think, “Hm, maybe one of you needs an update, so that we can recognize you’re still the same person.” I sincerely hope never to fall in the same vanity trap. That’s why I set a rule for myself that my professional pictures should be updated every five years.

I strongly suggest that my fellow speaker-and-writer friends follow the example: spend a little money on some decent, good photos. Seriously, you deserve it. And you’ll make many people happy. Not just yourself, but also journalists and event organizers, who will be able to add your high-quality photo to their website for free. Most importantly, your mother will be ecstatic.

I’m quite happy with the results myself.

And I’m sure Petrina is happy too, because now she has proof that she can make any arse-face look like Jude Law’s slightly older brother.

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