How Can I Help You Enjoy Your Job?

Today, Brigitte Pfeifer-Schmöller (Austria) joined Happy Melly as a new Supporter.

Yesterday, Luke Fisher (UK) joined Happy Melly with his new ThanksBox venture.

The one before was Hazel van der Werken (Canada) from

For me, it’s an amazing experience.

People from all over the world sign up to join the Happy Melly network because–apparently–they think we’re doing a good job. That’s so awesome. It also increases the pressure on us to report on what we’re doing. And it makes me think harder: What can I do to help people enjoy their job?

From now on, I will use my own blog to share–a bit more often than I’ve done in the past–the things I do to try and be useful for other people. Quite often, it may simply be just a brief report on something that happened and is worth mentioning.

Like today…

Steve Jackson (USA) reached out to me to ask if he can use my Celebration Grid in one of his upcoming presentations. Of course he can! And so can you! No matter where I go, I’ve noticed that people like the Celebration Grid a lot, because it clearly separates intent (behavior) from results (outcome) and clarifies the difference between mistakes and failures. And most importantly, it emphasizes that running experiments should be right in the middle of your daily activities. Because that’s how you will learn the most!


A good look at the Celebration Grid will help some people realize how to better enjoy their jobs.

Download the high-resolution image of the Celebration Grid here.

Would you agree? Is this diagram helpful?

What else can I (and my friends at Happy Melly) do to help people be happier in their jobs?

Let me know.

photo credit: (c) 2007 Gayle Nicholson, Creative Commons 2.0

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