Champfrogs: A SketchKeynote Presentation

I have blogged before about my experiment with a sketchkeynote format. In this presentation, the entire slide deck consists of hand-made drawings. And when I present, the drawings appear on-screen one-by-one, while the item I’m talking about is always highlighted in color.

As you can imagine, creating a deck like this is a huge amount of work. Furthermore, I have noticed that the static nature of this format is problematic for me: once I had created a slide, it is very hard to change it.

I’m happy about the experiment, but I won’t be making more of such presentations anytime soon. At least, not until I know that the entire script is not going to change anymore. 🙂

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  • J. Frings

    Hi Jurgen,
    do you draw the sketches on paper or do you use an app for this task?
    At the moment, I am waiting for the release of the VisualWork app:
    It looks very interesting and supports multiple layers. I think the sketches will be less static by using multiple layers.

    • jurgenappelo

      Why do people always ask what tools I use for drawing? I don’t understand why that is relevant. They never ask me what type of computer I have, or what brand of scanner or printer. 🙂

      I use paper, BTW.

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