A Complex Presentation

Yesterday I presented my thoughts about Complex Systems and their relationship to Software Engineering to a classroom full of collegues at ISM eCompany. It was the third time I gave this presentation and naturally I used the same slides as the previous times, but with some minor modifications.

It occurred to me that my presentation is a bit like a complex system in itself. Each of the slides can be considered to be an agent, which is adapted by me according to the responses I get from my audience. Slides are deleted, modified and reordered, to enhance the effect the entire presentation has on the listeners. For example: today I decided that I really must focus on presenting less information, but in a more compelling way. There is simply too much to tell about this subject! So I’m afraid the weakest slides are not going to survive the end of this week. And I will make the remaining ones clearer and stronger.

It’s like growing my own organism. I just hope that, once it’s fully grown, it won’t walk away from me!

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