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Sometimes you must admit that you can’t do everything all by yourself. For me, this is that moment…

It’s funny that I just wrote a 4000-word article about delegation. After all, since I quit my job 2 months ago, I have nobody to delegate to.

But now that my book and courses are nearly available, my mailbox is filling with opportunities. And I’m not complaining! But I would like to do more… People suggest I should produce videos, webcasts, podcasts, more courses, more presentations, and more articles. But I can’t. Not without somebody’s help.

And so, this is a call for help.

Or better, it is an offer to be an entrepreneur.

I am trying to build a new business around the dissemination of ideas through social networking and personal branding.

I’m looking for a business partner (not freelancers!) to start this new venture with me, and to work with me in these areas:

  • Design: Designing/creating the look-and-feel of various kinds of digital content, including videos, ebooks, PowerPoint slides, and a website.
  • Visualization: Creating illustrations and animations that convey a compelling story in a visual way.
  • Video: Creating/editing videos, converting our ideas to interesting videos, for YouTube and other video sites.
  • Audio: Creating/editing audio, converting existing materials to digital audio, for iTunes and other audio repositories.
  • Social media: Marketing content and building relationships through social networks and other media channels.

The physical distance to me (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) should preferably be small.

If you’re interested in building a business with me, and if you think you have what it takes to complement the few skills that I have, please contact me.

Again: I am not looking for freelancers and 3rd-party services.
Only entrepreneurs please.

  • Nonlinear Software Projects
  • How to Deal with Unknown Unknowns
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