When Something Is Painful, Start Doing It Daily

When Something Is Painful, Do It Daily

When something hurts, do it every day. The pain will turn into joy.

There’s a well-known argument in favor of continuous delivery in the Agile community:

When software deployment is painful, learn to do it every day.

When an activity is unpleasant, uncomfortable, or just unbelievably boring, humans have a strong tendency to do it less often. But that usually means the activity is even more painful and annoying when we finally gather the courage to do it.

Think cleaning the house.

Think administrating your finances.

Think deploying a legacy software system.

Think… writing a blog post.

By forcing yourself to do such a painful activity every day, you learn how to do it better, faster, and easier. You start teaching yourself tricks that are fun. You may eventually become good at it, and teach others!

When something hurts, do it every day, and the pain will turn into joy.

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