Self-Organized Quality Improvement

Today I counted no less than four new initiatives promoted by our employees:

  1. A business consultant found a good tool that could help us to create wireframe prototypes more easily than the standard tools we have been using up until now. He is assisting our functional designers in trying out this new tool.
  2. One of our developers created a tiny application that wraps our web-based hour registration application and places it in a taskbar icon. Some of the other developers are quite happy with it, because they can now more easily write the hours they have spent on our projects.
  3. Another consultant has taken the initiative to plan a presentation on the "brown paper technique" that he has experimented with for gathering requirements from a customer. Both the customer and our own people seem to be pleased with the results so far.
  4. One of our service employees has called out for help from collegues to start with a new (internal) company blog. They are now evaluating the software that they want to use for it.

Fortunately, I can match them with another few (and much bigger) quality improvement initiatives that I am working on myself. So it appears I am not out of a job. Yet…

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  • Software Development Ethics (Not French!)
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