Is Your Work an Expression of Your Life?

When people introduce themselves to others, they often deal with the question “What do you do?” And they answer it by saying, “I’m a software developer” or “I’m a social media marketer” or “I’m a management trainer”.

But is that true?

Is what you do also what you are?

The same people just as easily talk about work-life balance, separating the their public career from their private life. This indicates that what people do (at work) is not the same as what they are (at home).

I think this is sad.

In a perfect life, what you do should be an expression of what you are.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot, because I don’t have a work-life balance. I don’t want to separate life from work. I prefer to live while I work, thank-you-very-much. My work should be an expression of my life.

If you separate work from life, you basically shorten your life span by 50%. Self-actualization has to happen in the remaining hours, away from work. Is that OK for you? Or would you like to double your life span?

I’m quite sure many of you prefer to do as you are.

That’s why I’m considering a new tag line:

Changing work into life.

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