Paradigm Shift

Thanks for the Paradigm Shifts!

The real paradigm shift is that there’s a new one every day!

Once, not so long ago, a paradigm shift was a change of thinking in scientific theory. It happened once every few decades or longer.

But then the rest of universe picked it up.

Now the replacement of national currencies with Bitcoin is a “paradigm shift”.

Nintendo’s changed position in the gaming world is a “paradigm shift”.

Africa’s change from third world to trading partner is a “paradigm shift”.

China buying up all the gold in the world is a “paradigm shift”.

Changing loyalty programs into fan clubs is a “paradigm shift”.

Nowadays there are “paradigm shifts” in management, in business, and even in happiness!

And obviously

the change of Thanksgiving from a feast of eating to a holiday of shopping is a “paradigm shift”.

I suspect next time my grandpa unexpectedly suffers violent bowel movements he will shout something about a “paradigm shift” from the bath room.

Thank you, dear universe, for all the paradigm shifts!

The world must have been boring 100 years ago. But nowadays, thanks to globalization and connectivity, there’s a new paradigm shift to enjoy every day!

p.s. Personally I think one of the few REAL paradigm shifts is in that very last sentence.

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