Agile HR – 15 Minutes on Air

This week I invited Pia-Maria Thorén for a couple of questions about Agile HR:

  • What did you learn from the Agile HR conference?
  • Is HR different in other parts of the world?
  • How can we all get 8 weeks of vacation!?
  • And several more questions…


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  • Denise von Gloeden

    Thank you for this very interesting interview. I‘m glad to see that Agile HR becomes more and more important in organisations. We (HR Pioneers GmbH) also offer an Agile HR Conference. The first conference took place in October 2012. For more information please have a look at All the best, Denise

  • Pia-Maria Thoren

    Hi Denise! Could you send more information about your agile HR conference? Will it be in English or are you targeting a German audience only? I would love to contribute if you also accept English speaking speakers 🙂 My email is
    Thanks / Pia-Maria

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