Does Your Company Have Inspiring Stories?

I am looking for companies with inspiring stories about business transformation. I’ll share mine if you share yours.

Today I want to offer you the opportunity to book me for speaking at a company or conference event before my next book is out!

Prior to the release date of Management 3.0 Workout (april 2014, I hope) I will be visiting inspiring and innovative companies, who will get a chance at a guest appearance in my new book. With only a few months left I can probably visit around 40 organizations. Will yours be among them?

As CEO of Happy Melly I am leading a small global business, and just like you I am looking for solutions in agile transformation, change, innovation, personal development, and organizational culture. But, unlike most other employees, I travel to 25 countries per year, which gives me plenty of inspiration to share with others. Note: I am not a consultant or coach. This means I can truly share inspirational ideas, without being bogged down by organizational politics. The naive frankness of being Dutch also helps. 😉

I have five popular creative presentations. One of them is 100% hand-drawn, and exclusively available to paying customers. All ratings I receive are published on my website. Fortunately, most of them very good. 🙂  As the “6th most influential person in Agile“, with the 3rd most popular Agile blog in the world, and my Management 3.0 course (which has attracted 2,000 people in 35 countries), I’m sure I have some stories that can inspire the people in your organization.

Feel free to check out the overview of my earlier customers, my videos, my slides, or the feedback from audiences. Oh, and I don’t make contracts. I simply trust my customers. But I do have a list of frequently asked questions for your convenience.

And, who knows? If you have inspiring stories for me, there is a good chance they will end up in my new book.

Hope to share stories soon!


p.s. If you contact me about availability and pricing, I will send you a nice gift. And don’t wait too long! It is well known that writers play hard-to-get after their book is out. 😉


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