Top 100 Blogs for Developers (Q1 2009)

Note: The newest edition of this list is available here!

Ladies and gentlemen, today I proudly present a brand new edition of the Top 100 Blogs for Developers! Just like the previous edition, this list shows you the 100 best software development blogs in the world.

I worked on this thing for a week. So I hope you enjoy it. And please digg, tweet and bookmark this post generously… 😉

A couple of things are worth mentioning:

  • As usual, this list is a weighed average of multiple rankings: Google page rank, Alexa rank, Technorati rank, Google hits, average number of comments, and Twitter rank.
  • Only blogs dealing with (some) generic software engineering topics are allowed. This requirement resulted in the removal of three blogs from this edition: Paul Graham (no software development topics), Rough Type (no software development topics) and PragDave (posts are only about Ruby).
  • I also removed a couple of blogs that didn’t have any fresh content (= less than three months old, or anything later than November 2008).
  • There are 19 new entries on this list. Some of them did not participate in the last edition, because nobody had told me about them at the time, which accounts for some very high new entries.
  • The most remarkable change in this edition is Signal vs. Noise, moving from #67 to #5, which is largely due to their Google page rank having been upgraded from 4 to 7 since last time. Quite an achievement!
  • Some other great performers in this edition are: Regular Geek, Mike Cohn, James Bach, Software by Rob, and Agile Software Development. I congratulate them all!
  • Unlike last time, I did not include FeedRank in the calculations. The FeedRank statistics turned out to be more erratic than Alan Greenspan’s economical predictions. So I discarded them.
  • However, unlike last time, I now included Twitter rank in the calculations. Micro-blogging is a logical extension of the activities of many bloggers. Therefore their performance in micro-blogging is now part of the overall blog ranks.
  • You can click the names in the Author/Twitter column to find and follow blog authors on Twitter.
  • Shall I say it? No… Yes… No, I shouldn’t… Of course I can… No, not now… Ah, what the hell. My blog is at #24. As of today, my own blog has joined the ranks of most popular 25 software development blogs in the world. Yay!!
  • If you want to be included on this list, then send me an email and make sure you earn high ratings on Google, Alexa, Technorati and Twitter. Please note that I only track blogs with a Google page rank of at least 3. (And there are just three blogs with page rank 3 on the top 100 list. All others have page rank 4 or higher.)

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Here is the full list. Enjoy…

TT LT Blog / Site Author / Twitter
1 1 Joel on Software Joel Spolsky
2 3 Coding Horror Jeff Atwood
3 6 Martin Fowler’s Bliki Martin Fowler
4 11 The Daily WTF (various)
5 67 Signal vs. Noise (various)
6 5 Scott Hanselman’s Computer Zen Scott Hanselman
7 10 Rands in Repose Michael Lopp
8 7 Bokardo: Social Design Joshua Porter
9 8 Stevey’s Blog Rants Steve Yegge
10 19 Stack Overflow Jeff Atwood
11 12 Eric.Weblog() Eric Sink
12 9 Lambda the Ultimate (various)
13 13 Raible Designs Matt Raible
14 14 Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life Dare Obasanjo
15 17 Jon Udell Jon Udell
16 15 UIE Brain Sparks Jared Spool
17 23 ThoughtBlogs (various)
18 27 CodeBetter.Com (various)
19 25 High Scalability (various)
20 28 Object Mentor Blog (various)
21 41 Regular Geek Rob Diana
22 21 Otaku, Cedric’s Weblog Cedric
23 47 Mike Cohn’s Blog: Succeeding with Agile Mike Cohn
24 37 NOOP.NL Jurgen Appelo
25 18 The Berkun Blog Scott Berkun
26 38 Good coders code, great reuse Peteris Krumins
27 61 James Bach’s Blog James Bach
28 20 Artima Weblogs (various)
29 33 Google Testing Blog (various)
30 22 J.D. Meier’s Blog J.D. Meier
31 Alex Payne Alex Payne
32 26 10x Software Development Steve McConnell
33 29 secretGeek Leon Bambrick
34 Business of Software Blog Neil Davidson
35 Contrast | The Blog (various)
36 34 Enterprise Architecture: From Incite comes Insight… James McGovern
37 43 Project Shrink Bas de Baar
38 45 Steven Harman
39 24 / omar / Omar Shahine
40 66 Software by Rob Rob Walling
41 57 Agile Testing Grig Gheorghiu
42 36 Alistair Cockburn Alistair Cockburn
43 77 Agile Software Development (various)
44 56 Tyner Blain Scott Sehlhorst
45 44 Interoperability Happens Ted Neward
46 48 Pure Danger Tech Alex Miller
47 39 Managing Product Development Johanna Rothman
48 64 Elegant Code (various)
49 58 Coding the Architecture (various)
50 Ted Leung on the Air Ted Leung

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51 Relevance Blog (various)
52 49 Reforming Project Management Hal Macomber
53 46 James Shore: The Art of Agile James Shore
54 59 Knowing.NET Larry O’Brien
55 Blankenthoughts Jeff Blankenburg
56 79 David Chelimsky David Chelimsky
57 82 Aligning Technology, Strategy, People & Projects Eric Brown
58 40 It’s Just a Bunch of Stuff That Happens Eric Burke
59 30 Dr. Dobb’s CodeTalk (various)
60 50 Better Projects Craig Brown
61 75 Lean Software Engineering Corey Ladas
62 51 {Codesqueeze} Max Pool
63 68 /\ndy Andy Hunt
64 69 All About Agile Kelly Waters
65 72 Herding Cats Glen Alleman
66 97 Exploration Through Example Brian Marick
67 42 Object Technology Jeff Sutherland
68 55 Implementing Scrum Mike Vizdos
69 52 Agile Management Blog David Anderson
70 96 Bit-Player Brian Hayes
71 The Mendicant Bug Jason Adams
72 Software Project Management Pawel Brodzinski
73 A Software Insiders Point of View R “Ray” Wang
74 71 Meme Agora Neal Ford
75 85 Word Aligned Thomas Guest
76 84 Chris Spagnuolo’s EdgeHopper Chris Spagnuolo
77 65 Evolving Web Jim Benson
78 53 The Braidy Tester Micahel
79 Tester Tested! Pradeep Soundararajan
80 86 The Cutter Blog (various)
81 74 Jeffrey Palermo (.com) Jeffrey Palermo
82 93 Test Obsessed Elisabeth Hendrickson
83 averyBlog James Avery
84 GrokCode Jess
85 Wide Awake Developers Michael Nygard
86 Notes from a Tool User Mark Levison
87 60 Petzold Book Blog Charles Petzold
88 87 Agile Developer Venkat’s Blog Venkat Subramaniam
89 95 Creative Chaos Matthew Heusser
90 Moserware Jeff Moser
91 Codemonkeyism Stephan Schmidt
92 88 Collaborative Software Testing Jonathan Kohl
93 90 Jeff Patton’s Holistic Product Design & Development Jeff Patton
94 32 Curious Cat John Hunter
95 Yourdon Report Ed Yourdon
96 81 LeadingAnswers Mike Griffiths
97 99 Silk and Spinach Kevin Rutherford
98 Lazycoder Scott Koon
99 92 Clarke Ching – More Chilli Please Clarke Ching
100 Raven’s Brain Raven Young

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= Position this time
= Position last time
= New entry on the list
= This author bribed me

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  • Lee Winder

    Great list, thanks for putting that together.
    Some blogs on there I really need to add to my RSS reading list, and imo some are on there simply because they always have been, rather than actually deserving a spot…

  • Krishna Kumar

    Jurgen, you should probably create some buttons/badges like “Top 100 Software Certified by NOOP.NL”, “Top 200”, etc.

  • Jurgen Appelo

    @Krishna: Thanks, I will consider it!

  • atreyu

    good and hard joob….twitted and bookmarked in diigo+delicious in one step

  • Toby Hede

    Joel on Software is still #1 – despite not having had a decent post in years. Just goes to show the power of Google – get some good rank and it can last for a long time.

  • Jurgen Appelo

    @Toby: Google page rank is just 1/6th of the calculations. Joel also still scores high on Technorati and Alexa. That would not be the case if he wasn’t interesting anymore.

  • kris

    Please add your site at is a place where other people can
    find you among the best sites on the internet!
    Its just started and we are collecting the best found on the net! We will be delighted to have
    you in the sweebs listings.

  • Martijn

    Nice listing of blogs! Cool idea for keeping track as well ; this must have been quite a bit of blood sweat and tears.

  • Eric Wendelin

    Excellent list. I hope to be up on there someday 🙂
    Also, LOL at “$$ – This author bribed me”

  • muralidharan

    hi Jurgen, the point
    There is an OPML file available if you want to import the complete top 100 list (+25 extra) into your feed reader.
    OPML File link is not working Plz remove or update the link, which helps ppl link me.

  • Jurgen Appelo

    @muralidharan: The link is working fine, and importing the file in a reader is working too. I just verified it.

  • Mark Roddy

    I had a similar reaction, but mostly since I interpretted ‘Top 100 Blogs for Developers’ to mean this would be an opinion piece and not based on popularity metrics. This is my first time on your blog so please forgive the confusion. Very interesting piece none the less. Have you automated this process or is it still manual as described in your ‘How to Make a Top Blog List’ post?

  • Jurgen Appelo

    @Mark: Yes, it’s still a manual process. I’m considering automating it, but as a developer (and knowing the types of problems I would have to solve) I know that it would not make my life a lot easier.

  • What are the “Other Sources” Determining Alexa Traffic?

    The factors that are determinant in a website’s Alexa rankings apart from the data collected from the users of the Alexa toolbar are no where clearly mentioned. This somehow brings in a question of doubt and credibility issues as far as the Alexa rankings are concerned. However, even today the Alexa toolbar has the largest chunk in determining the ranking of a website.

  • Priya

    I still doubt that stackoverflow is ranked so high??

  • Michael Chermside

    I presume it is intended as a hint for next time… [wink]

  • Cafe Webmaster

    Great work, thanks a lot! Can you make sub categories like CSS, PHP, Design etc next time?

  • Cafe Webmaster

    And you can add too if you want.

  • SEO

    Thanks for the list.

  • webtech

    Thank you so much.

  • Software Development

    Thank you. Seriously. Thank you. What an awful “feature”. The noise was so jarring.

  • software companies

    1 The above thought is smart and doesn’t require any further addition. It’s perfect thought from my side.

  • custom essays

    Thanks for the great list. definitely i will surf all of them…

  • Miranda Chase

    Great article, really helped me a lot with working in PHP. Thanks again.

  • http://www.my3dots/blog Anand

    Is there an updated version for 2012? This one is very dated.

  • ryan

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  • john

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  • Alice Scott

    Great collection of blogs. Being a beginner i learned a lot from here. Thanks for your effort

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