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One of my resolutions for 2009 is not just to write, but to talk as well. It's easy to disagree with experts from my lazy chair. But a real guy should get up and face people. Don't you think?

So I'm submitting proposals for every conference and seminar that seems related to the things I do and write about. These are the speaking engagements I have scheduled for the next few weeks:

Software Practice Advancement 2009

I will be speaking at the SPA2009 conference in London at 5-8 April. My session is called So Now You're an Agilist… What's Next?:

Doing projects better doesn't stop at agile. In this session I attempt to distill new advances in software development from the field of complexity science.

Skills Matter

Since I'm going to London anyway, I've also been invited by Skills Matter to do the same talk on April 9th for their audience. Note: this is a free session! If you're not able to see me at the SPA2009 conference, then I hope we can meet each other at Skills Matter in London.

Agile Holland

Today I agreed to do a preview of the same talk on March 31, for the people connected through Agile Holland. This is also a free session, and it will take place at my own location in the Van Nelle factory in Rotterdam.

And then there are a couple of other conferences…

I will try to attend some of the following conferences, either as a speaker or as a visitor. And if there's a particular conference where you'd like to meet and chat with me, I trust you will let me know.

Lean Kanban Conference (Miami – May 6-8) (considering)

Open Agile Romania (Bucharest – May 22-23) (considering)

Refresh 2009 (Helsinki – June 15-17) (proposal submitted, waiting)

Agile 2009 (Chicago – August 24-28) (proposal submitted, waiting)

Agile Eastern Europe (Kiev – September 18-20) (confirmed!)

Lean Kanban Conference (London – September 21-22) (considering)

Software Development Best Practices (Boston – September 21-24) (considering)

Agile Testing Days (Berlin – October 12-14) (considering)

Agile Business Conference (London – October 13-14) (considering)

Blog World Expo (Las Vegas – October 15-16) (considering)

Unfortunately, my budget (and stamina) will not allow me to attend all conferences. (And neither will my boss, I assume.) But I'm curious which of these you would find most interesting. And if I missed an important one, tell me!

(picture by FreaksAnon)

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