Video Killed the Agile Star…

Bas de Baar recently interviewed me for his Project Shrink blog. The message in this video is the same as in two of my latest blog posts. Please forgive me for sounding repetitive. I promise the next few posts will be about very different topics!

Scrum and Agile Practices with Jurgen Appelo

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  • abby, the hacker chick blog

    Very cool on the video 🙂
    Ken Schwaber just gave a talk where he said Scrum doesn’t tell you HOW to do anything (e.g., technical practices), it just provides you with a framework in which you can develop complex products. Within that framework, it’s left to the team to select the right practices (which is how I understood Scrum, and it sounds like that was also how you understood it).
    He did, however, add an interesting point here where he said the main advantage of using Scrum then is that it helps to point out our errors and weaknesses, and therefore helps to keep us on track. And so we need to be careful if we’re doing scrumbut (“I’m doing Scrum, but… I’m not doing X, Y, or Z”) that we’re not removing those parts of Scrum that are most helpful. That is, those parts that help us identify our weaknesses.
    I just posted on it if you’re interested, would be very curious as to your take on this…

  • Jurgen Appelo

    Hi Abby, I would agree with Ken on that, up to some point. Though I think the daily scrums are not needed in some kind of environments. The planning moment is the most essential, I think.

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