The Zen of Scrum (Free Presentation)

These days people keep telling me that I look tired. And I don't just look tired, I feel tired. The bags under my eyes have dropped lower than the shares of the average American car manufacturer.

It all has to do with the Scrum presentation I have been working on for the last two weeks. I was invited to talk about our organization's experiences with Scrum, for an audience of 35 people at Imtech. This happily coincided with my plan to create some spiffy-looking presentations for the readers of this blog.

I searched, found, downloaded and analyzed about 20 different Scrum presentations from all over the world. And, while reviewing hundreds of slides, I saw an opportunity to create something new… a presentation that A) is very pleasing to the eye; B) tells a complete story; C) is available for free; and D) has no logo's plastered over every free pixel in every slide.

Well, this is the result. The world's best presentation about Scrum (I hope)…

Note: The Download button on SlideShare is giving errors. I don't know why. You can download the PowerPoint presentation here, until SlideShare has fixed that problem.

The style of the presentation is heavily influenced by a fantastic book called Presentation Zen, which I really urge you to take a look at. It all comes down to: many visuals, few words, no bullet points. (The book was also the inspiration for the title page of my slides: The Zen of Scrum.)


Please note that the first error has already been reported to me by Marc Evers. (It appears that Mike Beedle's picture is incorrect.) F$#%*!! Well, I think I'll just wait a couple of weeks for people to send me additional bug fixes and suggestions for improvements, after which I will upload a revised version.

And if you prefer to let me do the presentation in person, for you and your colleagues, feel free to ask. (Note: tempting me with food can help.)

(picture by Silvio Tanaka)

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