The First NOOP.NL Rerun…

So, what do you do when you're a prolific blogger, and you're faced with no backlog of articles, too little time to write a new post, and a strong desire to keep a steady pace of publications?


You do a rerun!

At this time I am very, very busy creating a brand new Scrum presentation, which (I hope) will beat all others currently available on the net. Seriously. So I decided to use this space to refer to three vintage blog posts of mine. They are from a time when George, my imaginary hamster, was still the only regular visitor of my blog. So there's a good chance you haven't read these posts yet. I hope you like them.

In the meantime, if you'll excuse me, I will do my best to create the best Scrum presentation in the world for you. But, more about that later. Here are three old and dusty blog posts. Enjoy!

The Cone of Incompetence (14 Feb 2008)
At the far left of the Cone of Incompetence is the customer. The customer has thought long and hard about a new project (usually more than a year) and now that he finally decided that he wants it, he wants it delivered in just two months. There is usually some arbitrary deadline that happens to be outside the customer's scope of control, therefore negotiation about the deadline is impossible, because the customer "cannot" change it.

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The Ethical Software Engineer (Not French!) (23 Feb 2008)
As an individual I like to discriminate against anything that is French. The only reason being that the French like to discriminate against anything that is not French. I think this keeps things in balance.

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AINO: Agile In Name Only (26 Feb 2008)
It is well known that many organization who claim to have adopted the Prince2 project management method, are in fact using PINO (Prince2 In Name Only). Likewise, I want to suggest the acronym AINO (Agile In Name Only) for those cases where there is a significant gap between preaching and practicing the agile approach.

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