The Second NOOP.NL Rerun…

So, what do you do when you're a prolific blogger, and you're faced with no backlog of articles, too little time to write a new post, and a strong desire to keep a steady pace of publications?


You do a rerun!

This time I am very busy creating an updated version of my presentation at the Software Project Advancement 2009 (SPA2009) conference in London. I will occasionally use this space to refer to three vintage blog posts of mine. Like I am doing now. There's a good chance you haven't read these posts yet. And I hope you like them!

Iterative and Incremental Development: Definitions (1 Mar 2008)
Yesterday, I came to the conclusion that iterative and incremental development both need a new definition. Here is a piece of text I have been working on yesterday. It's not finished yet, so it's likely to contain some serious and embarrassing errors. But I keep rewriting it until it is of a Pulitzer Prize level.

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Make It Simple vs. Do It Simple (9 Mar 2008)
Here's my personal quote of today. It is a bit complicated, but just read it twice and I'm sure you will understand it: "It's a complicated thing to build stuff that is simple. It's a simple thing to build stuff that is complicated."

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Why I Would Never Hire Steve Yegge (13 Mar 2008)
Based on what I read in Steve Yegge's latest article ("Get that job at Google") I came to the conclusion that I would never hire Steve. Here's why.

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