The Fourth NOOP.NL Rerun…

So, what do you do when you're a prolific blogger, and you're faced with no backlog of articles, too little time to write a new post, and a strong desire to keep a steady pace of publications?


You do a rerun!

This weekend I'm busy organizing a great party with friends and family. Those who follow me on Twitter will know what it's about. So there's no time for a fresh blog post this time.

I will occasionally use this space to refer to three vintage blog posts of mine. Like I am doing now. There's a good chance you haven't read these posts yet. And I hope you like them!

We Underestimate Nonlinearity, Not Effort (2 Apr 2008)
People have linear minds. We expect and imagine all things to be straight. I live many of my weekends in Brussels (Belgium). It has one of the craziest street plans I ever came across. Many roads seem to be straight, but most of them aren't.

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Don't Believe Anyone (5 Apr 2008)
I'm a disbeliever. I tend not to believe people's claims about what they think is the truth. I am Skepticism Incarnated. After eating and sleeping, disagreeing comes third on the list of basic necessities in my life.

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Why Developers Are Never Really Happy (11 Apr 2008)
Why are developers never completely happy with the tools they are using? Why are users never fully content with the software we build for them? Why are we never quite satisfied with the processes in our software projects? The answer can be found in an old children’s book of the 19th century.

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